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Birgit Wilde was born in 1977 and grew up in Berlin. She worked for many years in the congress and event sector before starting her own wedding planning business in Berlin with her agency Contigo Weddings. For a good eight years, she has accompanied numerous bridal couples through all phases of wedding planning with Contigo Weddings, giving them unforgettable memories of their very special day. Birgit knows the wedding industry and is very familiar with the needs of bridal couples as well as the perspective of wedding providers.

“Like all wedding providers I’ve ever worked with, I as well am totally in love with weddings and all that comes with it. With this energy, we create magical moments again and again, despite the many challenges that this industry brings with it.”

Birgit Wilde now lives in Cologne and has withdrawn from the active wedding planner business. Still she felt very connected to the wedding sector.

“In my time as a wedding planner, I always found it a pity that there is not a wedding portal on which all wedding providers are simply present free of charge with an informative and attractive company entry.”

  • Vevique Ohringe mit Plättchen

A new portal is needed – a portal that already enables wedding providers to have an attractive and, above all, easily locatable company presence with the FREE package. A portal that allows engaged couples to search specifically for wedding providers and save them valuable time to invest in the beautiful things in life. A portal where bridal couples and wedding providers simply have no reason not to sign up.

Said, done. Together with a small team of developers and consultants, Birgit got to work and a good year and a half later, on 03.06.2019, PlanMy.Wedding went online:

  • With numerous filter options, the business directory enables a real matching between the requirements of the users and the portfolios of the wedding providers,
  • Providers can link their company listings to each other and thus recommend the partners they like working with to the users,
  • whether wedding fair, workshop or company anniversary – everyone can set up and promote their event at PlanMy.Wedding free of charge,
  • Users can create lists of their favorite wedding providers and rate their preferred providers,
  • the Wedding Blog, gives valuable tips on wedding organization and tells interesting stories about the origin of various customs.

More features are planned….


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